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: add-ons

Every home is unique, and so are your needs! We love to go above and beyond to make you feel good. That's why we offer simple add-on services that we will be happy to incorporate in any of our cleaning services. If you think of something else, call us and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

ADD-ON SERVICES (complimentary, upon request)

  • Make beds and change linens (if linens left out) 

  • Interior window cleaning*

  • Wash dishes

  • Do the laundry & fold after

  • Steam your clothes (up to 10 pieces)

  • Walk your pet! 

ADD-ON SERVICES (a little extra)

  • Clean inside the fridge&freezer (add-on for Residential cleaning package only)

  • Condition your leather furniture with special leather spray  - $5/item

  • Clean inside the cabinets*

  • Clean the interior of self-cleaning oven** 

  • Clean the interior of non self-cleaning oven

  • Vacuum garage

  • Hand wash light fixtures

  • Wash out trash cans

  • Move and clean behind furniture (with sliders)

* Note: Windows & cabinets can only be cleaned within reach. You can provide a 2-step ladder to extend that reach, but any ladder taller than that we cannot use for safety reasons. Any parts of a window & cabinets higher than the cleaner’s reach cannot be cleaned for safety reasons.

** Note: If you have a self-cleaning oven, you must run the self-cleaning option the night before. We would then wipe out the oven the day of the appointment. Self-cleaning ovens have a special coating inside that allows the oven interior to reach extremely high temperatures. This coating cannot be cleaned with our cleaning solutions as it may damage the coating.