reveal day is coming!


Carpenters and other trades on your job site have to meet a lot of tight deadlines. General cleaning, vacuuming, high touch dusting and wiping doesn't really fall under their duties. 

Can we be your cleaning partner?

Are you a local home builder, interior designer or a general contractor? Then you probably need a reliable team who will get rid of that dry wall dust and leftover debris.

We are your :AM team! There is nothing more satisfying than getting your project for the final reveal.  We love working in collaboration with small to medium size residential companies.

Getting the job done

The cleaning cost will depend on the scope of work. We offer complimentary job site visits to assess your project*. We charge $60/hour/crew member. Considering the size of the project, we will arrive in the team of two or four crew members who are covered by our insurance and WCB. For the final clean, we recommend to schedule us a few days after the furnace has been cleaned, so the dust can fully settle**. 

* Note: Windows & cabinets can only be cleaned within reach. We have a three-step ladder to extend that reach, but any ladder taller than that  we cannot use for liability reasons.

** Note: At the moment we do not offer construction garbage removal.

We don't cut corners. We clean them. Call 403-869-8083 today!

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