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Hi there! Mariya here, and I am the owner and operator of :AM CLEANING YYC.

I was born in Eastern Europe, and Kyiv, Ukraine was home for many years. At the age of 15,  I received a scholarship to study in California. Then my life took me to Asia, and many other interesting places. 27 countries later, Canada is now home.

After travelling through and finding comfort (or lack of) in so many places around the world, I have a special definition for the concept of home

For me, a home is a space that is full of love and light, comfort, and warmth. It is a space where you create memories, feel safe, and walk around in your sweatpants while burning your favorite candles. It’s where you lay on the couch and eat cereal from the box, or have a fancy night with wine and cheese. 

My purpose behind :AM CLEANING YYC is to give your space the care it deserves, while using only all natural products that are locally made. We are like auto detailing, but for your home. We are a hands on, high touch service that detail clean every inch of your kitchen, bathrooms, or your favorite glass dining table. The Cleaning Checklist on our website is exciting & fun!

Cleaning is not a very tangible craft, but a feeling you have when you walk barefoot on your hardwood floors, when you get ready for the day in a clean shower, and make a coffee in a spotless kitchen. We make that happen. 


Our small business operates on trust, flexibility & hard work. Our team goes above & beyond, because we know that you do the same every day.


We are excited to help active families, busy professionals and entrepreneurs in Calgary with their cleaning needs, and hope that you will be a part of our business as it unfolds. We are ready to take care of your home! Click here to start your custom Cleaning Checklist! 

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