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Who has time to scrub the oven, kitchen cabinets, glass shower doors, and blinds? We will make your property look spotless whether you are listing, buying, changing tenants or just moving. 

If you have your own move-in/out checklist that you wish us to use it, just let us know. Otherwise, please complete your custom Cleaning Checklist.

We use your time wisely.

Move in/move out cleans are slightly more expensive that regular cleaning due to the complexity and thoroughness of the job. From experience, most of our move in/out cleans on average are approximately $550-$780 and up + GST.  Yes, we did have a move out clean that cost as little $325 and as much as $1,667 (it was a heavy duty one). We charge only for the time we've cleaned. If we finish early, we bill you for the time we've cleaned. Every minute counts! 


Your appointment can be shorter, or longer. If you wish to set a time cap, we can do that. Our minimum appointment is $551+GST. The length of your appointment truly depends on the condition of the property, as well as the scope of work. Our hourly rate for the move in/out cleaning appointments is $65/hour/crew member. 

Don't worry, it will take us faster to clean than it would take you. And that's one less thing for you to worry about. 

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