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: move in / out residential cleaning 

Whether it is moving in or moving out, there is lots of thorough residential cleaning to be done. With our move in/out package we clean every nook and cranny. Make your landlord or realtor happy; hire our cleaning company to shine your space.

This cleaning service is $110/hour for a team of two due to the complexity and thoroughness of the job. We will go over the more detailed checklist with you and see how we can customize it to meet the needs of your home. If you have a move-in/out checklist from your landlord and you wish us to use it, please let us know. Otherwise, we can incorporate our custom Cleaning Checklist.

For the team of two, our move out cleaning appointments on average take between 4 and 6 hours, which equals to $440, and $660 respectively + GST*. 

*Also note that we charge a flat fee of $6 dollars for the supplies, per appointment. This fee covers a fresh batch of cleaning product made just for you (within 3 days of your appointment), and a set of professionally cleaned microfibers that have been delivered to us by COMMONGOOD LINENS (www.cmngd.com).