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  • How can I get a quote?
    The short answer is: you can’t. We are unable to determine how long it will take to clean your home without working with it first. Cleaning is tricky! It is like calling a dentist asking how much it would cost to fix your aching tooth; are we talking about a complicated root canal or a quick cavity? Every person lives differently, has unique daily habits and variety of surfaces within their home that would require different cleaning time. When you hire us, it is a blind date with your space. We agree on a budget during a consult call, and do as much as we can for the allocated. Sometimes we finish sooner or we might need an extension. To give you an idea, we have a four story townhouse in Marda Loop that takes the same amount of time to clean as a 2 bedroom condo in East Village. How, you wonder? Factors like pets, children, your day-to-day habits, interior finishes and design play a big role. Everyone lives differently. For this reason, we have developed a Cleaning Checklist where you can fill out what areas of your house/apartment/condo/office you want us to address. It is like à la carte cleaning menu. Pick what you want, keeping in mind that it takes time to do a good job. Time = money. Although everything above sounds nice and fancy, nevertheless, we can’t just leave you hanging, some specifics are required, so here they are: • Our regular hourly charge is $62/per hour per insured, bonded and trained crew member; move out cleans and post construction cleans are $65/per hour per team member. All of our crews are happy employees of :AM CLEANING YYC. • We work in team of 3 or 4. When we start cleaning, we divide, conquer so you don't have to listen to a vacuum cleaner for 6 hours. • The most time-consuming spaces are bathrooms, kitchen and floors (70% of your appointment time); we can make a custom plan that will work for you, your budget and your home. If you want to spend only $550, we will start with your priorities and go from there. We are here to make it easy for you. • Also note that we charge a flat fee of $6 dollars for the supplies and $25+ for dispatch fee per appointment, depending on your location.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We charge new clients a deposit to secure your appointment in our calendar. As you send us your deposit, you get a booking confirmation of your cleaning appointment. Your deposit applies towards the balance of your appointment. If you cancel the appointment, the deposit is not refundable. If you cancel your appointment in less than 24 business hours from the start of your cleaning appointment, the cancellation fee is $150 that goes directly to our crew members for their cancelled shift, as they rely on predictable income.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    Life happens, and we get it! Please let us know right away via phone or email, and we will offer you alternative dates. However, making last minute changes may be very disruptive to our small business. As such, if you request a change to your appointment in less than 24 business hours, we might have to charge your account a cancellation fee of $150. This amount will go entirely to our employees, and will cover the time they were scheduled to work. Please know that :AM CLEANING YYC will not use these monies as a source of revenue. It is our promise that we will do our best to accommodate your request; if we find another client who will take your appointment time, we will not charge you a cancellation fee. On some occasions this will be possible, on others--it won't. As such, we ask that you notify us of any changes as soon as practical, but no less than 24 business hours to avoid a charge of $150 to your account.
  • How do I pay for my cleaning appointment?
    We are currently accepting Interac E-transfer and cheques. You can E-transfer your balance to Your cheque can payable to AM CLEANING YYC INC; please mail it to our office: :AM CLEANING YYC 4030 8 St SE Calgary, AB T2G 3A7 PLEASE NOTE: INVOICES THAT ARE NOT PAID WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIVING AN INVOICE WILL BEAR AN ADDITIONAL 15% CHARGE ON THE OVERALL TOTAL OWING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROMPT PAYMENT.
  • How about tips?
    Tips are not expected, but if you believe the cleaning crew went above and beyond, you are welcome to splurge a little. All tips can be added on top of the outstanding balance on your invoice. For example, if your bill is $200, you can transfer $250 and write in a memo "tips". Tips go directly to our employees, and they are very grateful for your generosity.
  • What areas do you clean?
    We tackle most of the things in your home. We have incorporated many cleaning objectives that are universal for most homes in our Cleaning Checklist - it is like à la carte menu for your home. However, we do know that every home will have specific cleaning needs. Some clients want us to clean top to bottom each time we visit. Others just want us to clean their 5 bathrooms. We have a client who loathes doing floors, so she delegates vacuuming and mopping 6300 sqft of hardwood to us. We can do it all. We do our absolute best to clean everything you have requested in one appointment. Sometimes, we would need a follow up appointment if it is a heavy duty deep clean. What we don't do: - patios and balconies - outside windows - window screens - chandeliers - behind appliances - aluminum blinds...they are almost impossible to clean without bending them! - China dinner sets
  • Do you clean under the furniture and appliances?
    No, for liability and insurance reasons we are unable to move your furniture that is over 30lb as well as appliances, such as fridge, stove, washer and dryer. If you wish us to get under those areas, please move your fridge, for example, out of its original location, and we will vacuum and wash the floor underneath.
  • What cleaning products do you use?
    Well, we are so glad you asked. We like to talk about natural cleaning as much as we love the process. Since 2021, we have our own plant-based cleaning line available for purchase: Our main active ingredients are grain alcohol from a local distillery, cleaning vinegar, liquid and dry hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, plant-based surfactants and pure essential oils. As per hard-surface disinfectant, we use top of the line botanical product called Bioesque, that is approved by Health Canada.
  • Do you bring your own equipment?
    We do, you have nothing to worry about. Our mission is to take your worries away (at least those that are connected with cleaning). On the day of your cleaning appointment we bring our professional equipment: vacuums, spin mops, cleaning cloths, a variety of brushes and sponges, steamer – all the essentials that will tackle most grimy challenges. All the brushes, cloths and sponges are disinfected prior to your appointment. We also empty, wash and change filters in our vacuum cleaners prior to every appointment. Our cleaning equipment is as clean as your home will be after our visit. Nevertheless, if you do wish us to use your specific cloths, vacuum or a mop, please let us know upon booking your appointment. We are happy to oblige.
  • I am allergic to citrus essential oils, can you still help me?"
    We have started our plant-based cleaning approach to help families with sensitivities, asthma, and allergies. Our cleaning products are scented naturally, without artificial fragrances and are not potent at all, from the experience of our most delicate clients:) Furthermore, if you wish for us to use your cleaning equipment or cleaning cloths, let us know and we will do so.
  • I really liked the team, may I keep them coming?"
    Let's be honest: cleaning is hard work, and not a long term career for many. We hire ambitious people with strong work ethic that are looking for a stepping stone before they open the next chapter in their life. We had paramedic students working with us, PhD students, accountants, yoga students while getting certified. We are thrilled to be employer for good people who want to do great things in life. Hence, we call it a positive turnover! We don't promise the same faces in your home for the next year. Yet, we strive for consistent cleaning results. We are a small company with 8-12 employees at any given time, so your needs are always our priority, and most of us will get to know your home.
  • What's your hiring philosophy?
    At :AM CLEANING YYC, we are very picky about who we hire. We seek out passionate individuals with great life stories and even greater life ambitions. Each person on our team is highly motivated as a way of life, often coming to us during a time of transition as they prepare to take the next step towards their ultimate goals. We pride ourselves on encouraging everyone on our team to live their best life, and we accept that they might only work with us for a few months before tackling their next challenge. Positive staff turnover is something we embrace, because it means our people feel supported in achieving their dreams and inspired to become their best selves. Some of our past team members have gone on to become nurses, pharmacy assistants, clinical psychologists for youth, while our current team members are learning to become paramedics, obtaining their Masters Degrees and running their own successful businesses. So next time we come to your home, feel free to ask us what else we are passionate about… because there's more to us than just cleaning. Since a full scale invasion, we hired over 14 Ukrainian refugees to help them start their new life in Canada. Don't be surprised if an electric engineer or a grocery store owner will be caring for your home. We believe in living wage hence our team is paid $22-$25/hour. All of our employees have access to optional SunLife health insurance, company events, getaways, perks and daily appreciation for the hard work they do.
  • I have a dog. What should I do?
    We absolutely love furry friends! Although we are super cool with pets, sometimes they can get too excited about our vacuum cleaner or our colorful sponges. And who can blame them! During our cleaning appointments most of our clients choose to take their dogs for a nice long walk, drop them off at daycare or let them stay in the basement or a guest room. Every pup is different. We are completely comfortable to work with your pets at home, as long as we are not disturbing them and they are not interrupting us:) You know your fur friend best!
  • Should I be at home during cleaning appointment?
    You are the boss and can decide what makes you the most comfortable. You can let us in, hang around as we clean, or you can let us in, go run errands and come back. Generally, we rarely see our clients because they use their cleaning appointment as an opportunity to get to other things that are important to them.
  • How do you get into my place?
    Many of our clients leave us a key/fob in a discreet location or tell us their door/garage/buzz code. We go in, work hard, lock up and off to the next appointment.
  • What COVID-19 safety related precautions are you taking?
    COVID-19 definitely highlighted the benefits of having a clean home and office. - To keep physical distancing, we are asking our clients to leave their home during a cleaning appointment--like going for a walk or running some errands. If you are home (we understand if you work from home), we require you stay at a designated room/office where you can continue working, and we keep cleaning the rest of your home. We are OK with that, so long as we don't interact with each other; closed office doors are required. Being in the basement during the duration of your appointment is also an option. At the moment, we kindly ask our condo clients to be away during the duration of their appointment. - Every day each member of our team completes COVID-19 self assesment before the start of their shift; if they have sympoms, they stay home. Following AHS guidelines, they make an appointment for COVID testing, and self-isolate before their results come negative. - If you or your family members wake up in the morning and feeling unwell, please notify us immediately by sending an email to, and we will cancel your appointment. Cancellation fee applies. - We have access to non-surgical masks for our team members to wear during your appointment. You can kindly request the team to wear them. We kindly ask you to wear your mask if you are greeting the team/letting them into your home (especially where physical distancing is not possible such as entry way, elevator, hallways and other closed areas). - We are using a top of the line hard surface disinfecting product called Bioesque that is approved by Health Canada. It is a botanical, plant based product which directly aligns with our values as a natural cleaning company.
  • Are your employees insured and bonded?
    Absolutely. We are insured, bonded, and to be frank—very friendly. We are also WCB covered. Our hiring process includes multiple reference and criminal background checks on top of several levels of interviews and field training. Someone compared our hiring process to Google's. We will take that as a compliment.
  • What if something got damaged during my cleaning appointment?
    Our company motto is "do the right thing, even if is hard". At :AM CLEANING YYC we treat each home with great care, however, with high touch job accidents happen. If we damage or break anything while cleaning, we will repair or replace the item to similar value at no charge to you. Nevertheless, some things are irreplaceable (like a wedding plate that has been signed by all of your guests). We kindly ask you to put away all irreplaceable items or leave us a bright note "DO NOT TOUCH" to avoid such accidents. If our insurance needs to get involved for more significant damages, we kindly ask you for your cooperation and patience as we involve insurance agents.
  • What if I'm not entirely happy with the cleaning results?
    We are people, not robots, who naturally have bad days: from migraines to pets we are putting down after work. If we have missed a spot from your Cleaning Checklist, we will fix it. Please let us know right after your cleaning appointment no later than 24 hours; we will come back within 2 business days to fix things up at no charge.
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