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Number of Bedrooms


Number of Bathtubs


Number of Bathrooms


Number of Showers



Disinfect and clean the toilet (bowl, seat, lid, tank, & base)

Clean, dry and shine all mirrors and chrome

Clean showers, bath tub, & sinks 

Clean all shelves & countertops 

Check walls for marks/fingerprints 

Hang and fold towels neatly 

Dust baseboards

Scrub the grout in your shower where needed

Dust window sills 

Damp wipe doors & door knobs

Damp wipe cabinet fronts 

Damp wipe baseboards

Damp wipe window sills

Damp wipe light switches 

Vacuum & mop the floors

Wash out trash can

Take out trash to the garage/designated area


Clean exterior of stove, stove hood, stove top & control knobs

Clean all appliance surfaces & fridge exterior

Detail clean dining table & chairs  

Clean countertops

Clean microwave inside & out

Vacuum and wash floors inside the pantry

Detail clean cabinet fronts

Dust window sills 

Damp wipe cabinet fronts 

Damp wipe baseboards

Damp wipe light switches 

Damp wipe window sills

Scrub & clean the sink & faucet

Wash out trash cans

Fill & run dishwasher or wash the dishes

Check walls for marks/fingerprints 

Vacuum & mop the floors

Take out trash to the garage/designated area


Dust all accessible surfaces

Dust decorations & knickknacks 

Dust light switches & door knobs

Dust baseboards

Dust window sills 

Dust railings

Damp wipe baseboards

Damp wipe light switches & doors

Damp wipe window sills 

Damp wipe railings

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Clean mirrors & glass

General area straightening

Wipe laundry machines and countertops

Take out trash to the garage/designated area

Vacuum & mop all floor surfaces, stairs and/or carpets

:ADD-ON SERVICES (upon request)

Vacuum, wipe and wash inside the shoe closet

Sweep the garage

Vacuum, wipe and wash the mudroom

Clean interior windows

Clean range hood filters and interior of the range hood

Reorganize the kitchen pantry 

Water the plants

Dust and damp wipe your blinds

Clean inside the kitchen cabinets 

Clean inside the bathroom cabinets

Clean inside the fridge & freezer

Clean the interior of self-cleaning oven** 

Clean the interior of non-self-cleaning oven 

Make beds and change linens (if linens left out) 

Dust and vacuum air-conditioning vent cover

Move and vacuum behind furniture (with sliders only)

Wash the front door to the house (both sides)

Hand wash light fixtures (must be removed prior to your cleaning appointment) 

* Note: Windows & cabinets can only be cleaned within reach. We have a 2-step ladder to extend that reach, but any ladder taller than that we cannot use for safety reasons. Any parts of a window & cabinets higher than the cleaner’s reach cannot be cleaned for safety reasons.

** Note: If you have a self-cleaning oven, you must run the self-cleaning option the night before. We would then wipe out the oven the day of the appointment. Self-cleaning ovens have a special coating inside that allows the oven interior to reach extremely high temperatures. This coating cannot be cleaned with our cleaning solutions as it may damage the coating.


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 9.40.57 PM.png

Most of our clients spend between $200 and $400* on their detailed cleaning appointment with us. Most questions that our clients have can be answered on our FAQ page. Please give it a read; we made it fun, just for you!


*Also note that we charge a flat fee of $6 dollars for the supplies, per appointment. This fee covers a fresh batch of all natural cleaning product made just for you together with a set of professionally cleaned microfiber cloths. As a small business who cares about our community and footprint, we teamed up with CMNGD Linens as our laundry partner. They do more than just laundry - they provide on the job training and employment mentoring to people facing poverty barriers while reducing their environmental footprint. For more info, please check out CMNGD website:

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Thank you for submitting the Cleaning Checklist, it looks great! Mariya will be in touch in the next 24-36 hours to set up a consult phone call and/or a cleaning appointment.

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